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Safe Mother and Childhood Survival Research Initiative

Safe Mother and Childhood Survival Research Initiative (SAMOCRI). SAMOCRI was launched on the 9th of July 2010. Registered as an entity in Abuja, Nigeria. SAMOCRI is Headquartered in Maiduguri, Borno State, in the North Eastern region of Nigeria.


Our initial mandate in 2010 was “to promote and maintain good health of mother and child in the north-east region”. We are pleased that our work is not only in the N.E. of Nigeria, but also across West Africa with some work in East Africa by way of helping to set up a community based organization in Kenya. We believe that our work and our people across Africa are one and that we do not need to be hindered by colonial borders.


The development forces of any society depend on the level of participation of its individuals, groups and organization that circle within the civil society in their abiding vision to contribute their quota to their homeland.

With this broad objective, the association is of the zeal to promote self-help and self-reliance programmes. It stresses the importance to pursue a mission of charitable and quantitative services to mothers to:

AIM 1. Achieve their reproductive functions safely and for the children to attain their full potentials in the society.

AIM 2. To reduce maternal and childhood morbidity and mortality to acceptable levels that will compare favourably with those of the other Nations of the world.

The association as a front and cradle to maintaining good health of mother and child must have this mission and vision that for brighter future, we must contribute our quota today by being creative and imbued with the culture of self-creativity and hard work.