Malaria Research

Therapeutic efficacy study for anti malaria drugs used in Nigeria. These are the mothers and their children who came for testing for malaria and have been given drugs.They are followed up on for 28 days checking the children if the malaria parasite has cleared from their system. The team consists of doctors, laboratory scientists, community health workers, nurses etc.  

Image: Courtesy Dr. J.P. Ambe. Mothers and children at Ngbalang, Primary health centre, in Adamawa State, Numan LGA, North Eastern Nigeria.

PositionLatitude (width)Longitude (length)
Show on map9°31’00.0″N (9.5166700°) 12°01’00.0″E (12.0166700°)

Ngblang is situated at Latitude 9°31’00.0″N (9.5166700°) and Longitude 12°01’00.0″E (12.0166700°. Information from Nigeria Places In the World.

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