SAMOCRI was launched on the 9th of July 2010. Registered as an entity in Abuja, Nigeria with Headquarters in Maiduguri, Borno State, in the North Eastern region of Nigeria.SAMOCRI is a non-political, non-governmental organization aimed at promoting health awareness among women of childbearing age and to reduce morbidity and mortality among children and women.SAMOCRI is to supplement government’s efforts toward eradicating preventable diseases in children and pregnant women by creating awareness on immunization among both rural and urban populace.


Dr. Jose Pwavimbo Ambe is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Dr. J.P. Ambe is a renowned pediatrician and professor at the University of Maiduguri, a researcher who is passionate about his work and has decades of research on malaria and sickle cell disease. He is well known in the community as an advocate for women, children and vulnerable populations. Dr. Ambe has over 50 publications in peer reviewed journals. His interests and skills are in hemoglobinopathies, oncology, hematology and pediatrics. He provides  skilled care to mothers, babies and children.

Jennyfer Radeino Ambe is the Executive Director of SAMOCRI. She is an educator and an epidemiologist by training. She stepped in as a volunteer to assist with the direction of the NGO in an effort to ensure it continues to grow and make impact to serve humanity in general but most especially on the African continent.

Currently, SAMOCRI is made up of a team of volunteers who give time and resources generously.